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Poor Sheep

You would think the animal rights groups would be all over this one...

Hellfire From Above

Not sure where this one was taken?  Perhaps you know?

Meanwhile... In Russia...

The classic flaming sledgehammer death match...

Insane Snow

Serious snow storm...

Serious Moustache

Wonder how long it took him to grow that bad boy?!

Hand Face

Looks like Thing from The Adam's Family has grow a head and picked up electric guitar...

You Can Read Him Like An Open Book!

For some reason I find this very disturbing...

God Help Us!

It's the deadly octobearark!  Part octopus, part shark, part bear!!!

Riots Are Fun!

You get to blow the biggest bubbles!!!

Bin Laden

Some experts they are, no wonder he hasn't been caught.


Dog Shoes

Animal activists are going to have a field day with this one.



Time to quit..

Snake Attack

What if it was coming at you?


They own the road

If they were chasing someone I think they got away..


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